We hope that you'll find many inspirations for your products decoration !

For these last five years, sublimation has taken advantage of important technological inovations, and has become the relevant choice for high quality and high durability decoration.

Be sure that we will mobilise all means to your success if you choose our decoration technique.

Can your product be decorated by sublimation ?

Is your product material sublimatable ?

You'll find the answers in the section "Materials"

Are the dimensions and shape of your product adapted ? 

Dimensions are not a brake to sublimation and our equipments allow the sublimation of parts up to 3 m x 75 cm x 30 cm. 

Concerning the shape, we can meet some difficulties, particularly on concave areas.

Is you decoration adapted ?

Although sublimation allows the production of images with exceptionnal accuracy, brightness and clartity, the final result is proportionate to the initial image. This is the reason why the initial quality of your decoration is fundamental for a result of high quality.

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